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Country house splendour on the outside, warm and caring on the inside

A beautiful country house, Brooke House is set in four acres of grounds in the tranquil village of Brooke between Norwich and Bungay. Providing both residential and specialist respite care.

Why not explore the unique services provided at Brooke House, designed to make your or your loved one’s stay a pleasurable experience?

Laura Crowley

Home Manager

At Brooke House care home, we provide the following key services:

  • Residential Care
  • Respite/Short stay Care
  • Dementia Care

You can find out more about these services and the unique, passionate way in which we deliver care at all our Kingsley homes by visiting the following pages:

Types of care

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You will find information regarding a variety of services that we offer within Kingsley care homes.

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Care Advice & support

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A collection of jargon-free useful information, advice and tips created to help you and your family understand the different types of care and care requirements, funding for care and other concerns relating to care for the elderly.

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The Kingsley Way

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Take a look at our award-winning unique approach to care and see how we make a difference to the people we care for.

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Don’t worry if you cannot find what you are looking for; you can contact the Brooke House Home Manager Laura Crowley via telephone, email or the contact us page. Laura will be delighted to help you with any question that you may have regarding care for the elderly.

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respite care homes in norwich

“Coming to Brooke House was a bit daunting for me but it wasn’t long before I felt right at home - the staff are all wonderful and I see them more as friends now. The home is full of life and I really feel like I am living again; my family can come and visit me anytime and I like to show them around the gardens when they come. It’s always a nice feeling when I enjoy a cup of tea with my family outside while looking at the magnificent scenery, the sounds of the countryside all around us.”

At Brooke House, the focus is very much about replicating life in individuals’ own homes wherever possible. The experience of individuals living at Brooke House is that of love, achievement, well-being, encouragement and fulfilment.

We read, listen to, discuss and understand our residents’ life stories, tastes, interests and hobbies. We then incorporate these into their everyday life here at Brooke House, creating a ‘home from home’ experience. We encourage them to furnish their rooms with their own belongings to create a personal space filled with happy memories. So don’t be surprised if we remind you of your favourite song from when you were in high school if you forget it one day.

Brooke House is a ‘WINGS Accredited’ care home. What this means is that the residents, staff and the unique embedded culture influenced by ‘WINGS’ has created a one-big-family feeling at Brooke House.

We do not wear uniforms, which helps maintain a relaxed and comfortable environment. Staff are skilled in drawing individuals to engage in activities, and ongoing training is provided to support this. Staff share their life stories with the residents; we all dine together, go shopping together, and much more besides. To give an example of our family atmosphere: some of our staff enjoy rock music but the very same staff will happily listen to Beethoven whilst holding a resident’s hand on a Sunday afternoon.

Brooke House is decorated with items of interest to stimulate individuals and increase interaction between friends and staff throughout the day. Brooke House’s ‘open house’ policy means that visitors are welcome at all times and residents are supported as they maintain and develop existing relationships with their family and friends – each of whom has the opportunity to participate in meetings and surveys, and to make suggestions to improve the quality of life for our residents. This all forms part of our truly person-centred approach to care.

These small things can make a big impact on the lives of our residents

If you are interested in knowing more about WINGS and how it helps to create the stimulating and homely environment making a difference in our residents’ lives, please visit the WINGS page on our website. Don’t forget, you are more than welcome to contact us, and paying a visit to Brooke house is the best way to experience this for real.

Residents are encouraged to join in the tasks of daily living, and frequent activities include things like laying the tables in the dining room, arranging the newspapers, dusting, sweeping, flower arranging, baking, gardening and painting. These activities are complemented with visits from the hairdresser, chiropodist, art therapist, dentist, aromatherapist, the village vicar and the library bus, as well as formal entertainment in the form of singing, music and dancing.

We maximise use of the beautiful gardens during the year and make frequent visits to the ducks at the local village pond. The residents make full use of the patio areas during the warmer months of the year to sit and read or chat, or just to relax and get some sun. If the weather is unfavourable, there are pleasant lounges and common areas in which to spend the day.

Our annual ‘Elvis Presley’ concert, summer garden BBQ party, Back to Seventies Cinema Week, Celebrity Antique Road Shows, Annual Wine tasting weekend and Christmas party are our residents’ most favoured events. Residents’ families, the staff and some villagers also gain a lot of enjoyment from these events, and are always welcome. Together we have made Brooke House a strong part of the local community, which we help through various charitable works, extending our care beyond the walls of Brooke House.

We take great pleasure in our community involvements and charitable works. We only hope more organisations are inspired by our stories to contribute more to the community.

Our goal is for all our residents to feel relaxed and happy at Brooke House. We understand that everyone is unique, which is why we assess each resident individually and organise activities around them, allowing them to choose whether to join in or not. We have moved right away from a scheduled programme of activities and have many individual meaningful mini-activities taking place throughout the day. These are based upon individuals’ likes and are used to enhance well-being.

We support our residents in maintaining their independence as much as possible, and thus embrace and encourage ways in which they can achieve this.

For our residents to live as healthily as possible we encourage exercise, keeping minds active and eating nutritious food. Our brilliant chef creates all our nutrient-balanced meals from scratch in our 5-star rated kitchen using only the best, locally sourced ingredients.

We also realise that eating habits vary, so we take everyone’s dietary and medical needs into consideration. One of our home favourites is a delicious home-made Sunday roast, and our chef knows how to make the perfect fish and chips for a Friday dinner. However, if you’d rather have a chicken tikka or another favourite, he will be delighted that he has an opportunity to practice his skills.

The menu is regularly reviewed and updated to keep meal times interesting and tasty, which is a key factor in staying healthy. We also offer a selection of drinks and snacks throughout the day to cater for all our residents’ needs.

We ensure the dining area is a communal family experience with staff and residents eating together and interacting through items of interest. We have observed a real improvement in the nutrition of our residents, as well as heightened positive emotions and increased self-worth as a direct result of this. At Brooke House, positivity is something that our caring, understanding and highly trained staff members thrive on.

Each and every one of our Kingsley care homes is unique in its own way. However at each of our care homes we all have a common set of highly respected and award-winning features embedded within the culture, and the way we care for our residents makes a remarkable difference.

Take a look at our truly person-centred approach to care

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Person-Centred Care

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Take a look at our truly person-centred approach to care.

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WINGS Accreditation

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The highest standard of Dementia Care.

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Big or small, whatever your concern may be, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time regarding any care matter. We will be happy to help you find the right care and the necessary support that you may require.

“At all times we provide care and support as and when it is required, but just as importantly, we allow people to keep living their life.”

Brooke House care home is an Edwardian house set in four acres of gardens and surrounded by beautiful Norfolk farmland.

Your own personal space

The home provides a warm and friendly atmosphere yet is very well appointed with private rooms, suites, spacious pleasant common areas, dining rooms and lounges. The home has been carefully and tastefully modernised to provide exceptional care in a truly homely environment.

The home caters for up to 35 people requiring both residential or specialist dementia care. The main accommodation offers 19 spacious single rooms and one double, all with en-suite facilities, and Brooke House also offers a purpose-built specialised dementia care unit called ‘Brookefield’. There are 14 ground floor rooms in the Brookefield wing, which have additional specialist features for residents who need a little extra help and support.

Décor that inspires

Within the home you will see many decorated hallways with interesting items hung on the walls. This helps spark memories and good emotions for those with dementia, also encouraging conversation between residents. You may see signs to direct the residents to rooms and bathrooms to help prevent them becoming lost or confused.

Visit us

The staff work hard to meet the needs of individuals and understand the meaning of real person-centred care, but don’t just take our word for it… We actively encourage those who are considering living here to visit the home, spend some time here with us and ask any questions. So why not join us for lunch at Brooke and get to know us better? The home manager, Laura, will be more than happy to show you around. Visit us and experience the difference.

Visit us virtually

Take a 360 virtual tour and get a feeling of Brooke House by visiting the next tab.

The Kingsley Way gives you more information about who we are; our company; our vision and values; the people and our unique culture that makes a difference in everyone’s lives. Why not take a look at our back stories’? At the end of the day, you should know the people who are going to be taking care of you or your loved one.

“We believe passionately in supporting people to live a fulfilled and independent life. We strive to get to know our residents as individuals and, through our commitment, love and compassion, try to provide enriched lives for all that live and work at Brooke House.”

Recognition from outside agencies and organisations demonstrates our progress in delivering quality person-centred care suitable for meeting the diverse needs of all individuals at Brooke House. As well as private introductions we also work closely with Norfolk County Council and Continuing Care NHS. The team at Brooke House have been working hard and have adapted to many changes designed to enhance the life experiences of those choosing to be a part of the family at the home. The sense of achievement has been inspiring and real improvements made to day to day life at Brooke House can be both felt and seen by all.

The care team at Brooke House are specifically selected to meet the criteria of a Person Centred Worker, and undergo a continuous programme of training, on both practical and theoretical levels. Most of our training is facilitated by our own training arm, Kingsley Academy.

We pride ourselves on employing individuals who can demonstrate:

  • Nurturing – Being able to provide comfort, security and a sense of belonging
  • Togetherness – Being a friend to individuals on an equal basis, eliminating feelings of alienation and loneliness
  • Spontaneity – Being able to create opportunities which will engage individuals in a meaningful way
  • Feeling – Being able to be emotionally warm, offering closeness to each individual

Meet our team members who are going to be taking care of you or your loved one at Brooke House. Please don’t forget that our ‘open house’ policy means visitors are welcome at all times.

Laura Crowley


I have worked in the care sector since leaving school, and have been part of the Kingsley Healthcare Group for over seven years

Hayley Hirst

Deputy Manager

Hayley began her career with Kingsley at Eversley nursing home in 1999 as a support worker
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Ruth Kirton


Ruth has been with Kingsley Healthcare since 2014 as an administrator after previously working for Shell International

Paulina Manka

Senior Support Worker

Paulina joined Kingsley four years ago and has progressed to senior carer,

Harry Smith

Senior Support Worker

Harry has been a volunteer at Brooke House from February 2015 to May 2015 during his studies

Peter Lloyd

Maintenance Man

Peter joined Kingsley Healthcare in December 2014 and is currently responsible for the maintenance

Susan Ramsay

Head Chef

Sue has worked for Kingsley healthcare for 12 years, with 6 years working as the head cook at another Kingsley home

Jade London

Visiting Hairdresser

Jade has been our visiting hairdresser for four years now, previously being a mobile hairdresser



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Artisan Craft and Food Fair

We organize numerous outings, activities and events throughout the year to suit all our residents’ interests. We like to involve everyone in celebrating special occasions too, such as birthdays; wedding anniversaries, achievements and any other interesting or exciting news residents have to share.


A bi-monthly newsletter is published and made available to visitors, but it can also be downloaded from the website. Inside you can read all about the events that have either already taken place or are planned for the future, in which you might like to get involved. It also contains announcements from Kingsley Healthcare, future improvements to the home, recent charity events we have been involved in, photos and much more.


You can subscribe using the form below and have the newsletter emailed to you, which makes it easier to catch up with the latest news and reduces our carbon footprint.

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Brooke House care home

We realise that the move to a care setting can be a challenging time for those moving and their relatives. We welcome the opportunity to support all involved, so please call us for information, advice, support or even a chat, and we’ll be happy to help.
Alternatively you can use our online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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